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Get the experience of a fresh-from-the-oven baked good to last even longer with Delavau’s Encore™ freshness technologies for ESL and eating experience.


Improve labels and nutrition with Delavau’s clean labeling and Accent™ calcium fortification solutions for baked goods, snacks, and sweets.

Bridging the Gap Between Indulgence and Health

As consumers seek foods that bridge the gap between indulgence and healthfulness, food brands are responding with snacks, supplements, and everyday enjoyables that taste good and are good for you.


Chocolate has been reported to boost alertness, serve as a good delivery system for probiotics, and, of course, taste good. With Delavau’s patented Accent™ calcium fortification technology, milk or dark chocolate coatings and solids can be a preferred delivery system for calcium, as well.


With morning meals and snack times remaining primary eating occasions for foods boasting nutrient-dense claims, incorporating calcium into the chocolate coating of a bar or chocolate inclusions in a muffin, cereal, or snack can be a great opportunity for brands. In addition to the indulgent appeal that chocolate adds to snacks and treats, as a delivery system for calcium, it leaves room for additional fiber and other desirable nutrients to be incorporated into the formulation.


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