Improve the cost-in-use of your freshness, fortification, and clean labeling solutions with Delavau’s tailored ingredients and technologies.


Get the experience of a fresh-from-the-oven baked good to last even longer with Delavau’s Encore™ freshness technologies for ESL and eating experience.


Improve labels and nutrition with Delavau’s clean labeling and Accent™ calcium fortification solutions for baked goods, snacks, and sweets.

Collaboration for Customization

Cookie-cutter or custom-tailored?


While many ingredient suppliers respond to customer challenges with product samples, we know that the complexities of bakery and snack applications require more than a cookie-cutter solution.


They require a custom-tailored approach built on collaboration and area expertise.


They require Delavau Food Partners.


Rising to the Occasion

Although bakery formulation objectives—clean label, dough strength, mold inhibition—may seem similar on the surface, we understand that solutions vary according to your formula, processes, and overall goals. No one knows your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and objectives better than you.


That’s why the most critical component of each project is, in fact, you.


Informed by your insights regarding your product development, labeling, and operational needs, we apply our bakery and snack formulation and processing know-how to efficiently tailor a solution for your product and your business.


Delavau Food LabWorking within your application and formula, we specialize in:

  • • Clean-label alternatives
  • • Shelf life extension
  • • Improved cost-in-use
  • • Fortification of baked goods with calcium and other minerals
  • • Optimized formulas for cost and operational efficiencies
  • • Improved eating experience of baked goods
  • • Reduced sodium
  • • Increased operational sustainability


And, because we’re not beholden to a specific set of ingredients or raw materials, our toolbox is limitless. With the freedom to create the solution that makes the most sense for your business and the capability to do so, we move swiftly and operate seamlessly as an extension of your team.


Putting the Lab in Collaboration

delavau_food_lab_2Bread, pizza dough, bagels, muffins, pretzels, donuts.


If you can make it, we can make it.


Utilizing our Food Lab’s full-bakery capabilities, our research and development team works with your formula to recreate your product while enhancing it with our customized ingredient solutions.


We then test and analyze the product to ensure successful performance in real-world conditions.


The result?


A solution you can apply to meet real-world demand:

  • • Elimination of ingredients that consumers find unfamiliar and unappealing—like L-cysteine, azodicarbonamide, sodium metabisulfite, propionates
  • • An extended shelf life from 10 to 21 days
  • • Extended freshness of a shelf-stable product from 30 to 45 days
  • • Doubled lifespan of a yeast-raised doughnut from 18 to 36 hours
  • • Eliminated need for a susceptor board in microwaveable pizza
  • • A sandwich roll fortified with the same level of calcium as a glass of milk
  • • Improved gluten development, dough strength, and process tolerance
  • • Reduced elasticity, increased extensibility, and shortened mix times


Your Partners in Scalable Solutions

bakery_formulation_expertsBoutique or large-scale, party of five or 85, shelf-stable or freshly baked. Regardless of size or situation, we apply our ingredient and technical expertise to achieve scalable results.


From breakthrough innovations like our susceptor board elimination technology and dramatic improvements in shelf life extension, our team is dedicated to continuous improvement. Applying our deep knowledge of snack and bakery applications, we develop turnkey and tailored ingredients and technologies, so when you come through our door, we’re prepared with efficient, scalable solutions that are readily adjustable and adaptable for your product’s objectives.


With a fully equipped Food Lab and skilled technical team, we support quick turnarounds for long-lasting solutions, empowering you to reach your goals faster.


Smarter. Fresher. Better.

By taking a smarter, more efficient, partner-centric approach to our work, we help you create fresher, better products for your customers.


Get in touch to see how Delavau can partner with you to help enhance your offerings.